Picking the right tools for the job

Coffix offers such a wide range of coffee equipment; it can be challenging to know which may suit your business needs. Take a look at some in the selection below or contact us and we can advise on what will suit your needs. We offer purchase lease and loaning of equipment.

    Traditional Machines

    The powerhouse behind your espresso providing a constant 9 bar of pressure.

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    Bean to Cup Machines

    versatile machines that come in all shapes and sizes providing great coffee.

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    The heart of your setup making sure you have great grind time after time for that perfect extraction.

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    Bulk Brewing / Boilers

    Great for large coffee batches & making sure you have endless hot water for tea.

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    Designed to save you money by automatically portions your milk by jug size.

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    Water Filtration

    These devices are designed to reduce scale and improve taste in the water.

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    If you have a question, on any products or service, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email. we’re happy to help with any query.